Easy Crockpot Meals and the Crockpots Needed To Make Them

Recipe for Easy Crockpot Barbecue Ribs

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Easy Crockpot Meal Barbecue Ribs

So it’s the 4th of July and even if you are expecting thunderstorms and scattered showers like we are today, you still want to barbecue! Now what do you do? You pull out your crockpot, of course. Now you have the best of both worlds, the seasonings and taste of your favorite barbecue sauce and the slow cooking process of the crockpot.

Here is one of my thrown together recipes for tender, juicy pork barbecue ribs using a crockpot. Note the steps are simple and it’s just a matter of getting up early enough to put the ribs on and then going about the rest of your day knowing that the ribs will be ready by the time the company shows up if you are having a get together. Even if you aren’t having a party, this is a nice meal for the family and the 4th of July barbecue will still be a success.

Recipe for Easy Crockpot Barbecue Ribs


1 Slab of pork ribs 3 to 4 lbs
1 bottle of favorite barbecue sauce
Other ingredients that help the barbecue sauce
such as cayenne pepper, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar,garlic, dry mustard, onions

1. Wash the meat to clean off blood from the package–I do this very
thoroughly to cut out the risk of food poisoning.
2. If you want to speed things up, put a pot of water on and parboil the ribs for 20 minutes–no more than 20 minutes!
3. If you wish, combine the dry spices and after draining the ribs pat the spices over the ribs placing the ribs in the crockpot.
4. Pour your barbecue sauce over each piece of rib; with the rest of the sauce pour enough to just cover the ribs in the crockpot.
5. Set the crockpot for either 6 hours or 8 hours.
6. Once the ribs are done, remove the meat and use the juices as
additional sauce in a serving dish (gravy pot) for the meal.

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