Easy Crockpot Meals and the Crockpots Needed To Make Them

Easy Crockpot meals when it’s hot

Yes it is almost summer (just a few days now) and soup may not be in your plans but would a good stew work?  Crockpots are excellent for putting together a collection of fresh vegetables and meat with a filler and creating a stew which meets the need for a simple summer meal.

Stews are also a wonderful way to blend in lots of different ingredients that your family might not otherwise eat.  In any meal planning a big priority is to assure that you get the proper nutrition from each meal.  A good stew with a mixture of vegetables can expand the nutritional value of your stew while making for a delicious filling meal.  Such a stew will turn out  delicious, as well as filling and healthy.

In addition to the use of vegetables with your stew meat, the use of spices can deeply enhance the flavor and tastiness of one of your easy crockpot meals.

Knowing your spices is a very important key to taking an ordinary meal to the next level.  Even a good beef stew can get pretty bland with just vegetables but the addition of the right spices can make a stew come alive with flavor.  Each stew ingredient interacts with spices differently.  For instance, with the addition of cumin and chili powder, a routine tomato beef stew can become beef chili.  With the addition of Mexican spices, and some beans, beef stew can become a tangy, spicy chili that can become the hit of the dinner.  Learning to experiment with spices and getting to know what kind of effect different spices like oregano, thyme, rosemary, cayenne pepper, paprika, and dill can have on your stew can make all the difference in your easy crockpot meal.

Finally, when cooking stews, be on the lookout for new and interesting stew recipes.  Cooking web sites and blogs are a good source of new innovations on the standard stew from a crockpot idea.  By keeping your stews always changing, you can use this basic concept as a simple way of creating your easy crockpot meals.

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